Advertising Copywriters

Advertising is a successful way to promote your products and services. A powerful advert stays in the mind of consumers for a very long time - sometimes forever. Everyone can recall at least one advertisement they find amusing, interesting, or informative, and when you are wondering how to achieve the same impact in the market place, you will need to consider the services of an advertising copywriter. The most memorable adverts are written by advertising copywriters.

Copywriters are generally classified into three levels: junior, mid-weight, and senior. There are some significant differences as to how copywriter positions are viewed. A junior copywriter working for Young and Rubican, will be trained differently to a self-employed media graduate, advertising their copywriting services online. A senior level copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi will command a salary upwards of £100,000 a year, and securing their services will cost you.

Ways to advertise include newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcast, and online. Many advertising copywriters offer their services for all mediums, however most will specialise in one or two areas of writing. Keeping in mind the different salary expectations of advertising copywriters - generally, the quality you paid for will be evident in the end results. You will receive good adverts from cheaper writers, as they rely on individual client satisfaction to build their reputations. However, if you don't want to gamble on securing the early work of a very talented, but inexperienced advertising copywriter, you need to look for copywriters with training and a track record for creative results.

Broadcast Advertising Copywriters

Generally, a broadcast advertising copywriter will be the most expensive. Radio and television scriptwriting is a skill requiring intensive creativity and experience. To find an advertising copywriter with proven results you will need to contact an established advertising agency. Your business will be assigned an account manager, who will take a brief from you, and then choose the right advertising copywriter for your campaign. Most agencies offer a broad service, and taking this route means it will be possible for you to have a different and specialised writer working on your online, newsprint and magazine advertising needs. If you have a large budget, and an established reputation, this is the best path for your business to take.

Smaller Advertising Requirements Small to medium size businesses often won't be able to afford broadcast advertising, and will need to shop around for a good wordsmith. Smaller agencies claiming to specialise in marketing are your first point of contact for advertising copywriters involved in regular writing for print. Similar to specialist advertising agencies, marketing agencies will offer you a broad service including promotion points, distribution networks, and advice on how to gain the right circulation and audience for your advertisement. It is better to invest in marketing agency advertising copywriters if you want your advertising campaign to be successful.

Online Advertising Copywriters

All of the above agency routes will have online advertising copywriter services included in their routeways. Online writing services have the reputation of being a bit cheaper than other traditional advertising routes. If you are purchasing the whole package from an advertising or marketing agency this should be the case. For start-ups and small businesses with small budgets, online advertising may be the only service you can afford, initially. It may also be the case that your business is primarily conducted online, and the website is your most important customer contact point. If your web presence is the primary focus, a good advertising copywriter can be sourced through agencies.

Freelance Advertising Copywriters

Another method of finding great advertising copywriters, is to search online for outsourcers, who work some of the more popular E-commerce websites. Search for online copywriters and advertising copywriters on Elance, O-Desk, People-Per-Hour and Freelancer for access to writer profiles. You may decide it is worth posting your job on the sites in order to be able to secure the services of independent advertising copywriters for the budget you have to spend. As long as you are clear about your advertising brief, and set deadlines, an online advertising copywriter can provide just as good a service as an agency writer. A word of caution though, it is a bit like hiring a local builder. You get what you pay for. No-one should consider buying online advertising copywriting services unless they are prepared to pay a living rate of pay. There are many stories of businesses paying far too little, thinking they have got a bargain, only to be disappointed at the end result.

Whichever route you choose to secure advertising copywriters, make sure you know your budget, your expectations, and your brief, before you contact agencies and individuals. If you are sharp at nailing down the details, you will receive accurate and fair quotes.