Print Advertising

Even though mobile spending is on the rise in the UK and will soon top newspapers, print advertising can still be a very helpful tool for spreading word about your products or services. Print advertising is also responsible for one third of the entire business-to-business market in Britain.

When you are working with your marketing and design team to get an advertisement into print, then you have a huge selection of newsbrands to advertise in. You will be able to reach your target-demographic effectively.

Broadsheets and Tabloids

If you wish to reach as many people as possible in the UK and sometimes even abroad, then you should work with a print advertising agency who will submit your advertisement to broadsheet and tabloid newspapers. Commuters are more likely to be influenced by your marketing while they go to and from work during the day, as they are more likely to be reading a newspaper on a train or a bus.

In most workplaces, there are always newspapers to be read on breaks, so if your company wants to reach people at work, print advertising in papers is one of the best options.

Expansion to the Internet

Even though you are placing your advertisement onto print media, many of the publishers also have websites where they recreate or reproduce their off-line material. This is an excellent way for you to reach even larger numbers of people, so make sure you select these options from your agency if possible.

When you reach out to your potential audience in this way, then you are also able to focus in on your target audience; any other clients along the way are the unexpected benefits of organic marketing.

Business to Business Print Advertising

There are many different places where a company can advertise their products and services to other businesses, such as printed media, the Internet, trade publications, and magazines, to name a few. This is the best way to reach out to your competitors and your industry peers, in the sense that if you niche your offerings then your services will also be useful for them.

Alternatively, you can also set up a part of your business to serve clients with products and other businesses with services. This way you will be a competitor, but also a key player in the industry itself. You will need to dedicate a marketing budget in order to cover the development of your print advertising materials and the process might involve the expertise of a graphic designer, a website coder, an SEO company, and also technicians and customer service representatives to maintain your on-line assets.

Tablet Devices and On-line Print Advertising

Tablet devices are a great way to present reading material as well as informative and interactive content to your users. Over 38% of tablet users will purchase a product after seeing a digital advertisement on their chosen platform, so it makes sense to work with tablet manufacturers to have your software and services displayed prominently. You can upload your products onto websites such as the iTunes Store or Google Play, where users will be able to download and use them.

Newspaper and Magazine Inserts

Another great place to advertise, especially at local, county, or national levels, is to have your print advertising appear as an insert in a newspaper or a magazine. These types of inserts are more likely to be read and used, because they are seen as bonus material by consumers.

These are also a highly cost-effective way to market your products and services because when you work with a professional printer, you can get high-quality inserts done at low prices, especially if you are printing thousands of copies at a time.

At the same time, these inserts are very easy to share amongst co-workers, friends, and family members, because if a consumer does not need your service or has already used it, then they can easily transfer the flyer to someone else in their network.

Finally, print advertising can be targeted at all of the press platforms that are going to be read by your target audience. Users will find it very easy to share your advertisements on their social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Many users also share items by e-mail, so you can have high-quality newsletters or flyers created that they can pass on. Either way, it is important to work with a professional, third-party team who can get all of the technical and creative details done for you.