Video Advertising

A great way to advertise your business is by using on-line video marketing. This method has become one of the most popular ways of building brands in recent years, and in 2013, there was an increase of 63% in video advertising worth £325 million. At the same time, the rate at which social videos are shared has almost doubled, as users share videos with their friends and families on social media networks.

Additionally, most users spend 42% of their on-line time watching videos. On-line video watching has exceeded the popularity of TV and the theatres, as users find it far more convenient to watch whatever they want on the Internet.

The New Face of Advertising

Many consumers are turned off by traditional marketing tactics; they are no longer tolerant of interruptions. Surveys have suggested that one of the biggest reasons why consumers pay for video content on the web as opposed to television or films is because of the advertising that interrupts or precedes it. Users will watch what they want, when they want.

This means that media planners, marketers, producers, digital professionals, and content creators must realign their beliefs with the majority - which is that your content should be entertaining or informative. These days it is hard to convince buyers with a "hard sell", as they have been conditioned to be aversive towards this kind of influence.

At the same time, there is also a ripe field for work available for any professionals who can create video content, because there are many companies using the new media to reach out to their clients. Videos can be uploaded to company websites or to third-party sites such as YouTube or Vimeo depending on what type of content there is. Research has revealed that websites which make use of video - especially interactive films - do much better in terms of attracting business.

Different Uses and Formats

The type of video you are creating will also determine the length of your content. If your clip is 5 minutes or less, then it is best used to convey news, entertainment, sports, film trailers and consumer created clips. If your video is over 5 minutes long, then it can be used to create films and programmes.

If you are a content creator or a video producer, then you would want to create a file that can be used on a myriad of devices instead of just a simple commercial. Many business-owners use this type of short video as a 30-second pitch to introduce clients to their services or advertise another part of their business.

Another great advantage of uploading videos to content sites or your own website is that you will be able to track campaigns and their effects on consumers quickly and easily using a variety of on-line tools and resources. If you are also skill at using social media networks, then you can quickly get your message out there by having your networks and their extended networks share your videos.

The Rise of On-line Video Viewing

Because on-line video viewing figures have risen in the past, many television advertisements contain a digital element as well. The interactive element of the advertisement will fit in well with the many features that consumers can access using their TV controllers. Most videos can now be displayed on a variety of devices such as TVs, computers, laptops, gaming consoles as well as mobile phones.

Understanding the Mindset of Customers

Business owners should take some time to work out the mindset of their potential clients and current customers. This is not simply guesswork, but third-party web analytic services will give you answers to these questions using demographics. Here are some tips for creating content for consumers:

  • don't just port your television commercial to the Internet; it might not be appropriate for the culture
  • get a good feel of the context and mindsets of your audience
  • get a broader understanding of your audience so you can micro-target your ads to certain niches
  • make your ads interactive as most people are sharing their media with others
  • inspire your consumers to create and share their own content in response to yours

Users can also interact with enhanced videos that can be clicked on to bring up other information or redirect to other videos and sites. You can use these and many other features to make your videos more appealing and memorable to the viewers, which also increases the chance that they will share it with their networks.