Press Advertising

There are many different ways to advertise your products and services. Press advertising is where you choose to place adverts in a local, national, or international newspaper, or other forms of traditional media as well as on-line media. The term "the Press" in the UK refers to the news media in general. The media is owned by private and public entities. Media conglomerates also own a range of traditional and new media enterprises to bring information, entertainment and advertising to consumers.

As a small or medium sized business, you can use local and sometimes even national media outlets to release information about your products and services. Some organisations will also consider taking part in an affiliate network in order to be exposed on corporate enterprises and get into the mainstream so they are able to achieve countrywide and international exposure.

Different Ways to Advertise

There are many different types of media where you can make use of press advertising services, therefore it is probably best to discuss the types of adverts your marketing team could create for you. If you are considering a newspaper, then an advertorial is sometimes a good way to get the message out there about what you are offering. This is presented as a newspaper article so that it fits with the format of the medium it is being transferred to the public on. However, it is usually highlighted in a different way such as by using a border or another indication that this information is sponsored.

This kind of disclaimer will then allow you to talk about your product from your perspective and in most cases this type of advertising seeks to inform readers about a particular issue, product, or service that has just become available.

Newspaper Advertisements

These are often the best way to get into the local market. A company can place an advertisement in a local newspaper describing a service or product that consumers might need and chances are your business will increase. Local newspapers are mainly read by those who are commuting to work and thus they are also in the perfect demographic where they would rather pay for convenience than have to go the extra mile for it.

If you place your ads in morning papers, then clients interested in your product may pay you a visit during the day on a lunch break or after work.

Press Releases

These can be posted in many places, but most companies will start by placing them on their own websites under a "News" section. The releases can then be sent to local and national media outlets, where if they are interesting enough, will be picked up and talked about by journalists, reporters, and other bloggers.

This type of release is good to declare a new direction in your company, recent developments in research fields, advances in technology related to your products or services, or other aspects of your industry or field that you have newsworthy company contributions to write about.

Riding the Waves

According to statistics reported in UK newspapers, the ad economy is thought to increase by 3.3%, up to £13bn, during 2014. At the same time, digital media spending is will rise by £1.24bn. With steady financial growth and with the development of new technologies, it is almost certain that your business will enjoy more success than those who do not get on-line and advertise their services. In addition, there are a range of software solutions and apps that can make your customer-service experience smooth and effortless.

As smart-phones and tablet devices also become more ubiquitous, this will provide firms with the ability to not only reach out to their customer base while they are on the move, but also to provide them with a myriad of payment options and solutions that can all be accessed remotely from their devices. Some companies also get into app development in order to give their clients a convenient way of using whatever they are offering. You do not have to be a software company in order to market your services and products by using apps, you can simply hire a third-party developer who works with your marketing and branding team to get the utility out for you.

For a start-up business, it's important to remain as close to the budget as possible. Therefore, it makes sense to use as many free or cheap services on the Internet to begin with, and later on invest in upgrading these once the viral marketing begins to pay off.