London's Advertising Industry Bodies, Associations and Professional Education Establishments

Advertising Industry Bodies

Institute of Practitioners in Advertising - IPA is based in London and has a membership with the geographical reach including Europe. There's a lot of information about internship vacancies, applying to an agency, news about the advertising industry, and awards given to leading practitioners. The IPA's remit is to promote the value of agencies. It is worth your while getting to know the industry by networking with professionals trying to maintain high standards of pay, conditions, and quality in the advertising industry.

Advertising Producers Association - Concentrating on commercials for broadcast, the APA is the trade body you want to join if you are a video or audio scriptwriter, or advertising production and editing professional. The latest jobs, courses, events and networking get-togethers are all promoted by this industry body.

Advertising Industry Associations

Advertising Association (AA) - provides useful advice on the state of the industry. There's a wealth of statistics on advertising spend by industry, which can help you identify what kind of advertising you would like to pursue. The Advertising Association covers ethical industry practice, and concentrates on the role and responsibility of advertising professionals and agencies. With data protection an ever-present reality for today's advertisers, the desire for big data, and information about customers, makes the Advertising Association site full of useful information about what the industry is required to do.

Professional Education Establishments

Advertising, and associated courses, are available from most UK universities. The top courses are offered - (according to The Times industry preference and graduates who get employed) by the following institutions:

University of Ulster - offers 16 degrees containing advertising. Language and Linguistics with Advertising BSc (Hons) is ranked 15th by The Times as a subject most preferred by employers. 90% of graduates go on to employment.

University of Lincoln - of the two advertising degrees on offer, the Creative Advertising BA (Hons) course offers a whopping 100% employment rate after graduation. Ranked as the 18th best subject to study in the UK, this course is one to consider.

University of Northampton - the 23rd ranked course for Travel and Tourism Management and Advertising BA (Hons) is a great example of a specialised degree course which includes advertising. If you want to work in the travel and tourism advertising industry, this degree will give you a solid background. Travel and Tourism, as an industry, is one of the biggest spenders on advertising around the globe.

Northumbria University - for a well-rounded advertising degree offering some extensive video production units, the Advertising and Media BA (Hons) has a lot to offer. Ranked 30th by The Times, and with a high UCAS entry score requirement, you will be studying alongside students who want to run their own agency someday.

Industry advertising associations and bodies all have course links on their websites which offer masterclass level qualifications. APA offer a sixteen week course in video editing which can only be taken if you are employed in an agency or member company. Regarded as the best industry standard course in London, it is one you will want to complete as part of your continuing professional development in the advertising industry.

If you have secured an advertising account management position within an agency, look to continue your professional education with the AA and their Media Business Course. This is an intensive program for those 18 - 30 months into their careers. The course has been running for fifty years and is well established within the industry.

The IPA website offers consultant advertising professionals, freelance advertising copywriters, and agency workers the opportunity to manage their professional education through a website CPD diary. There's hundreds of courses to suit any professional in the advertising industry, and much care has been taken to verify the standard of the courses, and promote those recognised by London and European advertising companies.